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(Virtual Circus Kareoky Act)
Oh wow I just realized that lonely ness is ln and that he had his username as natural log when everybody got those three name changes

Ace Emerald

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[11:58pm] LonelyNess: <Ace_Emerald> Are you still gonna do youtube stuff?

[11:58pm] LonelyNess: <LonelyNess> yeah, why?

[11:58pm] Ace_Emerald_: thanks

[11:58pm] Ace_Emerald_: my internet cut out for some reason lol

[11:58pm] LonelyNess: why??

[11:59pm] Ace_Emerald_: can you take a quick look at an outline for me?

[11:59pm] LonelyNess: sure

[11:59pm] Ace_Emerald: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1is7U8Isv2gWmAdbwsy6juxLEAWMGsBPzoXcgdF8ie0U/edit

[11:59pm] LonelyNess: you have got

[11:59pm] LonelyNess: to b e fucking

[11:59pm] LonelyNess: kidding me

[12:00am] LonelyNess: fuck you Ace_Emerald

[12:00am] Ace_Emerald: layell inspired me :]

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